Our books push the boundaries of B2B innovation by sharing the stories of leading innovators and by offering ideas, solutions and methodologies that can help them go further.

As forces of change and disruption rework how markets function, one critical lesson has emerged — B2B is NOT the same as B2C. Businesses buy solutions as an organization. Multiple people are involved. Budgets must be met. Value must be proved. Within any buyer, one purchase may be a repeat of purchases made many times before, and the next may be a purchase with absolutely no history at all. Disruptors are changing the expectations of what is possible, and it is critically important that B2B innovators offer their own foresight and solutions. Our books are designed to fill a gap between the known best practices of today and the possibilities for winning the future with the customer experiences and value chain partnerships.

Innovate to Dominate is a roadmap for B2B innovation. Every chapter provides an essential methodology with innovator stories, examples and tools. The first chapter describes how to become the essential partner for helping customers embrace the future of business in the digital age. The next three chapters are in-depth explorations of future market scenarios and drive to potentially game-changing business model innovations created through brainstorming with distributor leaders. The fifth chapter fills a considerable gap by pressing distributors to build an innovation ecosystem of in-depth knowledge and disruptive services. The sixth and final chapter is a call to action for every distributor to develop a distribution-focused innovation discipline, one that turbocharges distributor business models and leads to sustainable competitive advantage.

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