Our services are designed to leverage our ideas, experiences, and network of thought leaders, innovators, and business leaders. Every service is customizable to your needs.  Where helpful, we build awareness and memorialize outcomes through coordinated messaging and social media. We are always up for a challenge — if you don’t see the service you require, let’s discuss how we might design something new.


Our advisory services blend “what if” and “what works.” Looking to the future, we leverage our B2B thought leadership and innovation expertise to develop foresight, experiences, and partnerships. Drawing on 30 years of channel and go-to-market strategy and optimization work, we help overcome barriers and plan transitions. We advise individuals, teams, and organizations in multiple roles:

  • Innovation coach and catalyst for businesspeople
  • Workshops for project teams and consulting engagements
  • Strategic advisor for startups and revolutionary businesses

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We work with companies, educators, professional associations, and trade groups to design and execute podcast series. Our goal to develop foresight and encourage progress for the future of business. We discuss the podcast content with listeners to identify key takeaways and suggestions for moving forward. Our podcast series are an asset that can encourage collaboration and build an organization’s reputation and brand for working toward the future. Series include individual podcasts sequenced for maximum learning and impact:

  • Interviews with customers, suppliers, partners, and members
  • Essential topics for building innovation competencies
  • Exploring technology-driven and human-centric innovation stories

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Our speaker and moderator services are delivered for virtual and in-person events including association meetings, conferences, innovation retreats, corporate events and webinars. Preparation is essential for success, and we seek discussions with participants and leaders before the event, supplemented by internet research and networking. Moderating panel discussions are particularly useful for exploring innovations, but any forum is possible:

  • Keynotes and breakout sessions
  • Panel discussions
  • Webcasts and videos

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Markets are changing every day, often moving in unplanned and unexpected direction. Traditional strategy consulting and market research methods are often not the best methods. Our community learning and foresight methods can help organizations and member communities acquire knowledge, identify actions, and make plans for the future. Community learning is an emerging and breakthrough impact tool, and discussions are essential for planning the right approach:

  • Annual meetings
  • Virtual meetups and ongoing member interactions
  • Building an innovation ecosystem to explore the future of your industry

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Our research is about creating deep conversations and “what if” analysis to generate insights, solutions and innovations. Our research services include in-person or telephone conversations, group ideation and facilitation and online surveys. Often, more than one method is deployed. Client needs for our research services include creating relationships, gathering data and building an innovation ecosystem. Examples include:

  • Networking to find expertise and partners
  • Published reports and books
  • Collaborative learning with project teams

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